Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Precision Analogue Multi-Effects


Is one of these;

One of these;

 And one of these;

Or at least the gubbins from inside them, all mounted in an aluminium enclosure. The yellow panel is a decade box, which allows me to dial in any resistance value from 0 to 11110 ohms, in 1 ohm increments. This is currently connected in place of the Delay Time pot on the Arion DDM-1 PCM, which has also had its trimpots tweaked so that the minimum delay time is just about zero, and very short delay times become accessible in a precise way using the decade box. It also means that the delay time can be adjusted in steps whilst playing, where before it could only be swept with the pot. This makes for some pretty unique sounds. The clip below features the unit treating various percussion and a glockenspiel in a fairly random way.

At the moment only the delay has been modified for decade-box control but the flanger seems like a good candidate too. If the Rate pot is disconnected the unit no longer sweeps up and down driven by its LFO, but can be manually swept using the Manual control. If the decade box is substituted for the Manual pot, I should have a flanger that manually sweeps in steps. I'll post an update when that mod is done!

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